Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 14 - Layout and GIFs

Robins are always a welcome sign of spring.
I captured this cute Robin as he perched on top of a planter box while waiting for a turn at the birdbath. 
I used one layer of Kim Klassen's dreamit texture.

A little Chickadee

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I am so behind in my Beyond Beyond class!!  Here is my “catch-up” post

Day 13
Sky Replacement.  It’s been dreary around here lately we’re getting more snow and rain today. 

Our grey sky and my backyard tree have been blended behind Kim’s canola picture.
I added Kim’s CanvasMagic texture on top.

Day 13 - Painting “Dings” and making a brush – “Welcome”
Here is my "Painting"
And here is my brush

Day 12 – Let’s get inspired – Tinting a photo


Day 11 – Color Play – color board


Day 10 – If truth be told – create for the sake of creating

“A Painted Rose” I added turquoise blue filters to this photo of a light pink rose.   I really like how heavy layers of texture make this photo looks like a painting. I used two of my own textures on this photo.  Have you tried Kim’s “Art of Texture” class?  It is so awesome and I highly recommend it!

Day 9 – For the Love of Type  "Here Kitty Kitty” 

A picture of sweet little Rosie.

Day 8 – Chalk Love.  I used Kim’s Chalk Magic texture and added stamps and chalk-like smudges.

It is very cool that this was created without a blackboard or chalk – only in Photoshop!