Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Texture Tuesday {Times 2}

Off the beaten path . . .

A while back we pulled off of the highway to explore some old country roads and spotted this old silo with a tree growing through the center.  I snapped a bunch of pictures during that drive but it’s this photo that I keep coming back to.

I’ve spent too much time wondering how this tree survived.  As a sapling growing in a darkened space its only sun would be at high noon.  Wondering if silos have cement floors, and if they do, where did this tree plant its roots?  Do birds enjoy its protected space?

 It’s really a wonder that it survived . . .

I used Kim Klassen's Canvas Back and Warmly Cracked textures (2 layers of each).


  1. Very nice edit. I love the landscape. Very peaceful.

  2. Resilience really is the perfect word for that tree. :)