Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{Texture Tuesday}

Fire in a snow storm

Tiny pellets of icy snow started falling while we were winterizing the rose bed.   As the ice drops gave way to snowflakes, we decided to start a fire while we continued to work at cleaning the last of autumn from the gardens. 

I love watching the flames dance and flicker, listening to the snapping and crackling, smelling the hot woodsy scent.

Used Kim Klassen’s Softpalette, Magicscripted, and Swirlmagic textures.


  1. Great captures of the fire! We will be going camping this weekend and I'm looking forward to sitting around the fire at night. (and when I say camping, I mean in a cabin!)

  2. Sheila, your descriptions are as glowing as the fire photos. That center one is my favorite.

  3. very lovely flame images; beautiful. thanks, kareninkenai (TT)