Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Texture Tuesday {Story}

The ice cream was homemade . . .

It’s been about thirty years since my grandmother and I took a bus tour of the US East Coast, visiting major cities in Massachusetts, New York, Maine, and New Hampshire. 

 A few months ago a few pages of her travel notes were discovered.  They had been ripped from a small spiral-bound notebook and stapled together.  These are the scratched-out notes that she took while we were on our trip.  I imagine somewhere there is a scrapbook where she transferred this information, neatly written, alongside postcards, ticket stubs, and other ephemeral gathered during our journey.

Grandma’s notes bring to mind the sights, and sounds, and tastes from that trip as well as any photo.  She made notes about the city, and the weather, and most importantly the food.  As a dietician she was very interested the local foods; clam chowder in Boston, a lobster dinner in Portland Maine for [only] $7.95 and somewhere, near Plymouth Rock, we had ice cream that was homemade . . .

I used one layer of Kim Klassen’s Zuzu texture on the photo above.

Grandma Helen


  1. What a wonderful discovery, Sheila! Love the composition and the texture you used!

  2. I love the story as much as the photo :)

  3. You going with your Grandma made the trip very special for her. I love both pictures.

  4. What a lovely image of beautiful memories Grandma's are so precious!
    Blessings Suzanne

  5. what a precious memory. wonderful photos!!

  6. i just love this.... thank you for sharing it in TT. I just had to feature it at the cafe this week.



  7. This is a lovely image especially so with the story behind it.
    I have my great grandmothers diary but I never thought to photograph it - that's how unimaginative I am lol.
    The texture goes especially well with this one.
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. Preciosa imagen!, un gran trabajo!. Saludos desde Argentina!