Sunday, August 5, 2012

5 Facts – in no particular order

Used two layers of Kim Klassen’s Portrait texture on this photo

Fact #1 – I love, love the color green (can’t get enough)

Fact #2 – I collect Ukrainian eggs – they are like little works of art

Fact #3 – I love creating - photography, beadwork, painting – everything else dissolves into the background while I focus.  Time stands still and yet flies by at the same time (I don’t understand how this happens or how to explain it).

Fact #4 – I love mystery novels and movies

Fact #5 – Autumn is my favorite season.  It’s the colors - browns, oranges, reds - in nature that I find so appealing and after the heat of summer I welcome the crisp and cool weather of our autumn.


  1. I too love getting lost in the creative process and Autumn is my favorite time of year too.

  2. I love number 3 also...time does seem to just fly by...
    a beautiful post and thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog...
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. A fun post! Autumn is my fav too! If you love Ukrainian eggs, you will appreciate my story about Romanian eggs (exactly the same as Ukrainian eggs). I visited Romania last year and brought back GORGEOUS eggs for each of the "ladies" - about 8 eggs. While passing through customs - they asked specifically if I had any ornaments and I said yes. She asks made of what - I say eggs....OH NO a BIG red X on my custom's form. Next stop - the examination make my long sad story short....they took my eggs and trashed them. Fear of bird flu. Boo Hoo. Fortunately, I have a few that were for me (I was living in Brussels at the time) so they were not traveling with me. Cheers

  4. oh my... yes... such detail in each little egg... amazing.... and i too love autumn.....

    a lovely list... thank you for joining 5 Fact nice to read a little about you.....

    have a beautiful week... xo, Kim